Friday, January 5, 2018

Moving on to Fritz 16

This is my birthday present for last year - I just picked it up yesterday from the Rochester Chess Center (accept no substitutes). I haven't had time to play with it yet but hopefully I'll give it a good workout (or vise versa) over the weekend. I've upgraded from Fritz-12 which I bought through the RCC years ago (the latest games in its database  are from the end of 2009).

I've been using Stockfish 8-64 with my version 12, and it runs circles around the default Fritz engine (thanks to Mike Runnells for help with this). I imagine I'll end up doing the same. According to Mike (who has a number of engines) Stockfish 8 is almost as fast as Houdini 6, which in his experience is the fastest at the moment. Remember: Stockfish is free! Simply visit and start your download. Mike also sent me a link to a site benchmarking current engines - one of the posts I'm backed up on.

I'm really interested in how others use their engines and software. I've been using Fritz to put my games into a database (I have a small one for Rochester players as well - available to anyone who wants it) and analysis, opening development, tactical and game studies, etc.

After I break this out I'll tell you how I like it and how it compares with Fritz 12.

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