Friday, August 4, 2017

Results from Saturday Tournament - A crush from Arjun Ganesh

Wow, Saturday tournaments are getting really crowded. Once again the field was split into three sections, Youth (3 participants, won by T.J. Weaver), Under (13 participants, won  by Junjie Deng with a 3-0-0 score), and the Open section (16 players, won by Lev Paciorkowski with a 3-0-0).

Arjun Ganesh annotates his very nice win against Frederic Harris from the event. Hat tip to Randy MacKenzie for passing this along.

Note the game replayer has a .pgn button you can click to get the .pgn format of the game. You can copy and paste this into your text editor (e.g., Word or NotePad) and save as a text file (.txt extension). You can then change the .txt extension to .pgn and your chess engine will be able to open the file.

Douglas, Frederic (1900)-Ganesh, Arjun (1698)
Rochester Chess Center Saturday Trnm Open Section
Benko Gambit
Arjun's notes are below the game replayer.

Notes from Arjun Ganesh:

3...b5   The Benko Gambit, sacrificing a pawn for a queenside attack.

12...Ng4   This move secures e5 so I can play Nge5 next move. A great square for the knight.

13. h3   Kicking the knight where it wants to go.

14. Qc2   Allowing ...Nd3 or ...Bd3, but I decided to prepare these moves by playing 14...Rfb8.

16. Nxe5   This trade doesn't help him whatsoever.
17. Rd1   The first move that begins the onslaught.

18. Qb3   The only move that saves the knight. 18. Rxd3 Nxd3 19. Qxd3 Rxa4

19...axb3 Most people would instinctively play Rxb3 but after a minute, I found a move that secures the advantage.

20. Bd2      20. Bg5 Bxd1 21. Rxd1 Rxb3 22. Nc3 Rxb2 23. Bxe7 may have been  slightly better since it attacked my weak e7 pawn.

23...Ra3   Bringing my last piece into the attack.

24. f4   My next move was going to be Nc4 anyways. And he opens up his king even further for my rooks and bishop.

29. Rd1   He resigns, not allowing me to land the final blow: Bd4+ 28.Kh1 Raa2. 

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