Thursday, July 27, 2017

Top Ten Countdown: Quotes from Clifton Kahrroubi's book "I Teach Chess"

An anonymous source close to the two parties (okay, Clif) submitted the following from the observant mind of Tom Sheehan. (Try to imagine the Late Night drum rolls).

Tonight, from our home office in the Finger Lakes, New York, The Top Ten Quotes from Clifton Kharroubi's book, "I Teach Chess":  

#10  Oh, so you think now that White doesn't have serious problems?

# 9  Oh, so you think now that Black doesn't have serious problems?


# 7  So, what do you think your chances are now...?

# 6  Let me see...okay, everything about your position sucks.

# 5  I have one hundred fifty-nine soccer team shirts...hey now wait just a minute...

# 4  And this, you think, is a sensible move..?

# 3  What possessed you - in this position - to not resign?

# 2  The move would not be considered, even by Tom Sheehan.

And the number 1  quote from Clifton Kharroubi's book, "I Teach Chess":

#  1  Shut up and listen!!

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