Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dan Johnston defeats GM Blatny; Decker-Lionti, CCCR May 2017

At Wednesday night CCCR chess, TD Mike Lionti made note of a couple of recent big victories. USCF National Master Dan Johnston, playing at the Wisconsin International Chess Festival earlier this month, defeated grandmaster Pavel Blatny. Very exciting! I hope we can get Dan to share the game with us.

Howard Decker also had a big win, defeating Rick Motroni in the Saturday Tournament at the Rochester Chess Center. The deal is Howard came into the tournament rated 1139, and Rick was rated 1778! Howard allowed it was his biggest victory to date. Look for that game here soon. Congratulations to both Dan and Howard.

In the meanwhile, here's a game Howard shared from May, before his win over Rick. With the white pieces Howard manages to seize control of an off-beat Kings Indian against Mike Lionti, and never looks back. Great game!


20...cxd5, finally blood is drawn.

22...Bb5 is probably a little better.

24. Qc7 would be quite strong. 24...Bb5 25. Qc1 Nd7 and Black's b-pawn is a lost cause, and probably the game as well.

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